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What is Orbera® Intragastric Balloon?

Orbera® is a soft balloon inserted into stomach with gastroscopy under sedation as a day hospital procedure. The balloon is inflated to 400-600mls to occupy most of the capacity part of upper stomach. Hence it helps with portion control. Combined with close dietetic supervision and exercise, Orbera® can help achieve weight loss up to 10-15kg. Most weight loss will stabilise after 3-4 months.

As stomach secretes strong acid and it may digest and cause leakage of balloon, Orbera® will need to be removed at 6 months after insertion. Obera® removal involved deflation and removal of balloon under general anaesthesia with gastroscopy. It is performed as day hospital admission.

As part of Orbera® weight loss program, we provide medical and dietetic supervision for a total of 12 months.