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What is obesity?

Obesity is now well recognised as a serious global health problem. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates over 1 billion adults worldwide are overweight or obese and that more than 2 million die each year due to being overweight or obese. Childhood obesity rates are also rising and WHO estimates globally, over 40 million preschool children are overweight.

BMI is a way of measuring or quantifying the degree of obesity taking into account the height of the individual. It is calculated by dividing ones weight (in kg) by ones height (in metres2). BMI (kg/m2) WHO classification Common Clinical description 18.5-24.9 Normal range Desirable 25-29.9 Pre-obese Overweight 30-34.9 Obese class 1 Obese 35-39.9 Obese class 2 Severe obesity 40-49.9 Obese class 3 Morbid obesity 50 and over Super-morbid obesity The higher the BMI, the greater the health risks and the greater the likelihood of early, premature death.

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